Prudhoe is home to several amazing football teams.
We chatted to Chris Watkins - chairman and treasurer of Prudhoe Town Football Club...

HOME is where the heart is – Chris Watkins, Prudhoe Town FC

Local football teams are a staple of every town up and down the country. We met with Chris Watkins of Prudhoe Town FC to find out about our local club and its teams.

Chris Watkins is chairman and treasurer of Prudhoe Town Football Club, which is home to four teams including two semi-pro teams.

Chris tells us about the club’s involvement in the local community and how Prudhoe residents and businesses can give back and support the club and its players.

PB: What home clubs do you have playing at the ground? CW: We have four adult football teams playing from our ground – Prudhoe Youth Club Seniors, which is a semi-professional team, Prudhoe Town FC Men’s Sunday team and the Prudhoe Town FC Women’s Sunday team.

PB: Do any non-Prudhoe teams play there? CW: Yes, Newcastle University, which is also a semi-professional team, play from our ground too.

PB: That must help bring people into the town, how important is the local community? CW: Being active and visible in the local community is really important.

We run lots of charity events throughout the year to help raise money for local causes, and in June we are organising the Prudhoe Bogie Race which is a great day – fun for kids and nostalgic for parents too. We are also planning a big charity day in September.

The club has probably one of the best fireworks displays around locally which is all free event and great for the community to come together.

PB: From a business perspective, how do you make money? CW: All of the money we make in all areas of the business – which is mainly the club house and kitchen – goes back into the club.

This helps with the running of the club and the ground’s upkeep. There have been several upgrades within the last three years in the club house, including a new sports room, new kitchen, upgraded toilets, upgraded passages, carpets throughout the whole building as well as all the furniture has been reupholstered.

We’ve also invested in three large widescreen TVs and lots of upgrades outside as well – floodlights changed from halogen to LED and new dug outs.

We have also planned additional upgrades once this season has finished, which will include upgrading the outside toilets, and a new fibre glass roof on the clubhouse itself.

PB: How can local businesses support the club and its teams? CW: Local businesses can get involved in supporting the club by sponsoring matches, buying an advertising board within the ground or by simply coming along to support one of our teams on match day and buying food and drinks from us.

PB: The Prudhoe teams are very active on social media – how important has that been for the club? CW: Social media is a great way of getting information out to the public quickly. We as a club use our Facebook page Prudhoe Town Football Club, aka Tip Top, to announce weekly fixtures etc. Our teams have their own social media platforms for more in-depth information on players and their performance etc.

“All of the money we make in all areas of the business - which is mainly the club house and kitchen - goes back into the club.”